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Auro Pharma , a small scale industry involved in the manufacture of Ayurvedic medicines, was started in 1987 under the expert guidance of two renowned scientists Dr.R.V.KRISHNA RAO and Dr.Mrs.VIMALA DEVI both eminent in their own right, one having specialized in pharmaceutical technology and the other in pharmacognosy and natural products with the main motto of providing an alternative system of medicine using natural resources for healthcare considering the ever increasing awareness and preference world over, for such a system i.e. Ayurveda an Indian Medicine system, which is a part of Indian culture and heritage. Although both of them were pharmacists they chose this system because they envisaged in it a reliable and acceptable alternative to the existing systems of medicine. All the products are inhouse developed with a blend of modern technology and traditional expertise.

The range of products manufactured is wide starting from a unique herbal, eco-friendly mosquito repellent to Aloevera Brahmi shampoo, skin creams, body & face washes to internal preparations like anti–diabetes capsules. These products have been tried and tested clinically with satisfactory results before being introduced to the users. The organisation functions in a three-pronged manner:

1. Consultancy on Technical and R&D problems
2. Undertaking Development of Herbal Formulations / Projects
3. Soliciting Marketing enquiries / Tie-ups

These products, which are prepared with a lot of care using pure, unadulterated and tested raw materials, are not being publicized through exaggerated advertisement but are generally left to speak for themselves. This has been the policy of this organisation since its inception as it is virtually impossible not to compromise on the quality of the product and advertise freely at the same time. This method of marketing however unorthodox it may seem suits it fine.

Proposals for the future include enhancing the quality and elegance of some selected products by using newer and therapeutically effective ingredients and trying out some indigenous ingredients in the R&D like conditioners for instance in shampoos, so as to come out with a product that is importantly cost effective and at the same time consumer acceptable quality wise.

Before concluding the organization would like to mention that it works on the ideals of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

The Mother says, “ It is only by correcting your ways of living that you can expect to secure good health”.

“ Each and every ailment, each and every illness is a falsehood. The body should reject illness as energetically as in the mind we reject falsehood. And for body, victory is health.”

It has been the organisation’s conscious effort to facilitate arrival at this truth through its products.